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When I print a page from the website or the e-edition, using Firefox, the text is too small.

Firefox 3.x has a feature that allows you to adjust the print scale for any web pages you print. Go to "File > Page Setup > Format & Options", and make sure the "scale" is set to 100% (or that "Shrink to fit Page Width" is checked. Then:
  • To print e-edition articles and puzzles: double click on them to open each in an article window, and click the "Print Article" icon.
  • To print pages from the website: go to "File > Print", and click the OK button. 

If this doesn't help, you might want to check your printer properties just before printing. When you print, click the "Properties" button next to the printer, then check the tab labeled "Effects". There should be an area labeled "zoomsmart" or "page scale" with a percentage of normal size setting - make sure that is set to 100%.

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