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Home Delivery

Questions regarding your print subscription to the News & Observer and community newspapers.


  • How do I put a temporary stop on my paper?
    You can place a temporary stop, or vacation hold, on your subscription. You can do this one of two ways: Visit the Subscriber Services Center on the web. Log in with your phone number and house number (or email address and account number), then click "Vacation Holds" in the left hand...
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  • How do I find a newspaper rack?
    The News & Observer sells single-copy newspapers at various racks and stores throughout central and eastern North Carolina.  Click here for a list of sales locations. Note this list is not 100% accurate and may contain outdated information.
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  • How do I report a delivery problem or a missed delivery?
    You can report a missed or late delivery online in the Subscriber Services Center or by calling News & Observer Customer Service at 800-522-4205. We offer same day redelivery from 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. on Sundays in Wake, Durham and Orange counties. During all other times and for all other areas,...
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  • How can I get older articles from the paper?
    For articles prior to July 1990 we suggest you contact your local library as they have access to past newspapers on microfilm.If you are not a 7-day print subscriber, you can contact our Circulation department to purchase a "hybrid" subscription, which included e-edition access and free usage of...
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  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription by calling News & Observer customer service at 800-522-4205.
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  • What time will my newspaper arrive each morning?
    Our goal is to deliver your newspaper no later than 5:30 a.m. Monday - Friday, 6:30 a.m. Saturday, and 7:00 a.m. Sunday in Wake County. In all other areas, we deliver by 6:30 a.m. Monday - Saturday, and 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. When weather, road conditions or mechanical failure at our printing...
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  • How do I make a payment for my subscription?
    If you are starting a new subscription, you can pay using any major credit card at the time of order. You can also choose to be billed; in which case your bill will arrive shortly after delivery begins. After initial payment, subscribers will receive two renewal notices by mail. The first notice...
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  • What are premium days?
    The News & Observer publishes several premium editions throughout the year.  These editions include a special section with content we feel our subscribers will value and are delivered to all subscribers that receive the paper on the day of the week that the premium day occurs.  Our premium...
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  • Where can I buy the paper at the beach?
    The News & Observer sells single-copy newspapers at various racks and stores along the NC coast. Click here to see a list of sales locations.
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  • How do I access the e-edition?
    If you are an e-edition subscriber, and have linked your newsobserver.com account to your subscription, you can click here to access the e-edition. You can also visit our Subscriber Services Center to access the e-edition. After you have logged in, you will see a "view e-edition" button on the...
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  • How do I purchase an old issue of the newspaper?
    The N&O archives back issues for approximately six months. For availability and pricing, please contact News & Observer customer service at 800-522-4205 or submit a ticket.
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  • How do I stop delivery of Midweek Values?
    Midweek Values is our weekly advertising publication included with your N&O or community newspaper each Wednesday. Those who don’t receive Wednesday delivery may receive Midweek Values by mail. To stop mail delivery you can call 919-836-4901.
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  • What is my subscriber account number?
    If you have linked your subscription with your newsobserver.com registration, your account number appears on your "Account" page in the Member Center on newsobserver.com. If not, you may obtain your account number by calling News & Observer customer service at 800-522-4205 or by submitting a...
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  • How do I change my frequency of delivery?
    You can change your frequency of delivery by calling News & Observer customer service at 800-522-4205 or by submitting a ticket.
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  • Where does The N&O deliver?
    The News and Observer delivers throughout the Triangle and eastern North Carolina. If you are unsure if we deliver to your neighborhood, please contact News & Observer customer service at 800-522-4205.
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  • I have a question regarding the bill for my N&O subscription.
    You can visit our Subscriber Services Center to: check your expiration date, check your account balance. Your account balance represents money that we have posted to your account, not money owed to The News & Observer. If you have other questions regarding your bill, please...
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  • My account is showing a balance and I just paid for my subscription. What is this balance for?
    The balance you see on your account represents the money you have on your account, not the money owed to The N&O. Your balance will deplete as you approach your expiration date.
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  • What is ON TV Magazine?
    ON TV is our new 44-page magazine that includes complete TV listings, puzzles, color photos, movies, sports, and more! It is available via subscription and delivered to your home each Sunday with your N&O.
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  • Why did my newspaper delivery stop?
    Your delivery could have stopped for multiple reasons, but the most likely is that your account has expired and you need to make a renewal payment. Please contact News & Observer customer service at 800-522-4205 or submit a ticket for all account inquiries.
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  • I can’t access the e-edition.
    If you are unable to log in to the e-edition, there are three possible reasons: Do you subscribe to the e-edition? Effective July 30th, 2010, N&O print subscribers no longer have free e-edition access. Please click here to subscribe. Note that subscriptions generally take 24-48...
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